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Replace the microscope.

Welcome to the future of surgical visualization.

Mantis Digital Loupes

When paired with the Mantis 4K Camera Head Station, the Mantis Loupes has up to 20x zoom, focus, and digital pan.

Ergonomic digital glasses for magnified micro-surgery

For more information on the Mantis System, please email us at


SMALLER by an order of magnitude compared to traditional microscopes, with glasses lighter than loupes

FASTER set-up time, simple to maneuver, and easy to store

PRICED at a fraction of traditional surgical microscopes

20x Zoom, focus and pan

Low-profile screens

control using our app and foot pedal.

unimpeded view of your surroundings

True 3D vision

natural 3D with no eye strain or fatigue

No more neck strain!

eliminates need for direct field of vision, so user can position head in any direction.


External Display and Recording

connect to any standard OR display and record procedures in 2D/3D

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Mantis Digital Loupes

Light-weight and low profile, our award-winning Mantis Loupes receive and display 3D video from the Mantis Station in real-time.


Overhead 3D Cam

Small station with our proprietary 3D camera technology mounted on a 5' extension arm. Light-weight form factor allows easy set-up and storage.

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