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Lumiere™ Access System

The award-winning Lumiere Access System features our patented spinning blade design which works by gently "spreading" muscle instead of "tearing" it. The Lumiere's conical expanded base allows surgeons to maintain small incision sizes while offering a maximum field of vision when performing advanced minimally invasive procedures.

Expanded field of view
Ultra-bright dual light
Spinning-blade technology

Reach a 33% larger area with the same incision size.

Perform bilateral decompressions through a unilateral incision

Ultra-bright LED lighting illuminates the field of view through our custom fiber optic cables.


Dual optic channels reduce shadows and glare.

Our award-winning, patented blades “split” rather than “tear” muscle, creating closest possible contact to bone.


Cool plastic retractor blades reduce risk of burns from traditional metal retractors.

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